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more information please.

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i am 20 years old but i have been overweight my entire life. i decided to get the lap band procedure done in july 2009. i am doing it solely for health reasons. how ever all i hear is nightmare stories on how saggy skin made them more depressed and disgusted with themselves than they wre before they lost the weight. like i said im only 20 but i have alot of stretch marks on my stomach, will my stomach sag? i just need to be reassured... ill be having my procedure done in dec. 09 by Dr. Hollis also, has anyone heard stories good/bad about him? thanks so much everyone!

starting weight 260

heights 5'8

age 20

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I'm 5'8" and started at 250lbs, very similar to your stats.

Ihave alot of loose skin on my belly and saggy boobs, But I'm also 38 and

Have given birth to 4 big babies 10lb+ .

I do plan to have some corrective work done to reward myself for getting healthier.

Your young so go for it and see what happens.

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You definitely have age in your corner. My stomach wasn't really saggy, it was just a smaller version of the old stomach and I could have lived with it, but chose not to. I decided if I was going to do this I was going to do it the whole way and not give myself a reason to return to my former size. As for my arms, fat or thin they have always been an issue for me and something that I wanted to have surgery on. My inner thighs are the only things have really gotten saggy. I have a ledge of fat that was always well hidden by shorts and still is even though I have lost 80 pounds. However, when the leg is not covered it is obvious that the skin is saggy, but then again I am 36 and had been overweight all of my life until I had this surgery.

Everyone reacts differently, but fear of saggy skin is not a reason to back out on the surgery. You are doing this for health reasons and that is one of the greatest reasons to have the surgery. Saggy skin has never killed anyone, but obesity has. I personally think you will be fine in the skin area because you do have age on your side.

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