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21 Sept 2009


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B: Cheese cubes

L: About 5 shrimp and half a mozzerella stick

D: The rest of my chicken fettuchini alfredo w/ broccoli

S: Chips and dip

Calories so far: 1100

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B: soy latte

Blueberry almond oatmeal

L: 1 Veggie Patty

1 bag baked ruffles

D: 1/2c chicken breast shredded seasoned with taco seasoning for the familys burritos

1T lt sour cream

1 string cheese

S: Warm delights chocolate molten cake - 150 cals... yum

Calories today: 940

I'm wearing my bodybugg today... what an eye opener as to my activity level. So far I've burned 1850 calories..... You figure I can burn around 1500 just sitting around breathing and eating... I need to get more active besides doing laundry :huh:

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What is a body bug, what does it do and where can you buy one?


Hi Debbie

The bodybugg system is seen on The Biggest Loser. Its the black band around their arm. I measures the caloric burn through out the day. Studies show its pretty accurate, on average over 90%. I like seeing numbers and progress so I love the system.

Here is the website and there is a video on how it works... I dont make money off this.. just an interesting helpful product I like.


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B-Half Grapefruit, handfull Whole Thin Crackers with Natural Peanut Butter


L-One piece of Thin Crust extra crunchy pizza (I have them bake it longer) ...Apeice of Ice Cream Cake, did not eat the cake.....

S- Another Piece of Marble Slap Ice Cream Cake :-( Did not eat the cake

D- A Peach, Plum and two handfulls of nuts....

Had Birthday Lunch for a guy that I work with....I hate these...lol

Did not do good on water today at all!

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