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28 September 2009


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B: Apple juice w/ Miralax

S: Cheese and crackers

L: 1/2 of a vanilla cupcake - one of those days!

D: Chicken fettuchini alfredo w/ broccoli

S: A few bites of chocolate ice cream

Calories so far: 1100

Exercise: Have to work both jobs today so no working out. :(

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B-Oatmeal and 1/2 grapefruit

L- Fish and pinto Beans, Small peice of B-day Cake...Finally done with B-Days at work until December!!

S-None - B-day cake took my snack place

D- Protien Bar - Hair Day....

I have been doing HORRIBLE with my water. Today my goal is to drink at least 20 oz before I leave work at 5 and then 2 more 20 ozs before bedtime.....Xing my fingers!!! :rolleyes:

Ok got in about 35-40oz today...


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* i struggle w/water & always have* i hate it plain - so have been making pictcher w/fresh fruit and it seems to be a bit easier.

today -

b- 1 scrambled egg & slice thin WW toast w/butter

l- grilled shrimp (5) & black bean / corn salad

s- half cucumber w/hummus

d- bat (bacon/avocado/tomato - all in roamine lettuce cup)

exercise -

spin class / 20min row / 20min walk on treadmill

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