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I'm Day #17 post-op. Yesterday was my daughter's 6th birthday party. A friend made the cupcakes so no temptation with batter there. The same friend gave me a buttercream frosting recipe and I tried out my KitchenAid mixer for the first time. I tasted it to make sure it was "right" and then my husband and I frosted the cupcakes. As I went to the sink to clean, I saw there was about 1/4 cup left in the mixing bowl. I ate it all. That's butter, veg shortening, and sugar. I'm so disappointed in myself. Did I mess up the band????

p.s. yes, the frosting was very good.

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No, you most likely did not - you would know it.

Back when I first got my band there was a lady who was feeding her kids chicken, and mindlessly took a bite - she did slip her band and we all called her the chicken lady...

You're lucky that frosting is really soft - it still could happen so keep an eye out for messages your band gives you - like you have a hard time getting liquids down, call the OCC and get ready for a talking too from Dr O.

But you most likely are fine.

Take care - lesson learned don't do it again please~


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Lisa, does is seem strange that ONE BITE of chicken made her band slip? I guess it depends on where in her recovery she was. It just seems so wild that one bite of chicken can slip the band. Mind you, I'm not going to try it or anything!

What happens if a band does slip? Is it repairable?

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