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12 October 2009


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Happy Monday!!! Cold and foggy here in the midwest which is making me want to EAT!! I've been suprisingly tight recently, but still really hungry. Not a good combo!!! :)

B: Quaker weight control oatmeal (about half the packet)

L: Taco Bell pintos and cheese and 1 cheese roll up

S: A few bites of raisin bran (dry)

D: Chicken fettuchini alfredo

Calories so far: 800

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Hey Ladies!

It has been miserable where I live. RAIN RAIN RAIN...ughh...

Shelby you are NOT having a good combo, sorry to hear that!

B-Oatmeal low sugar Calories 110


L-Wendys Small chili with Half potatoe, nothing on it.... Calories 190 for Chili 128 calories for whole so just say 100+???

S-Water, I have got to drink more water!!!

S- None

D- A piece of brisket a couple of bits of baked chicken (was too dry) and about 1 cup of popped popcorn... did not have alot of butter...lol Now I know what kind to buy so I wont eat it.....lol

Water - 20 oz :(

Hair day, so I wont be working out tonight, will Tuesday and Wednesday...

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i usually post the next morning of what i ate the previous day - but maybe if i write it ON the day .... i'll stick to it.

i have random food days & today is one

b- 3oz artichoke/feta stuffed chicken breast

l- 4 chicken pot stickers

s- veggies & hummus

d- cream of potato soup w/cheese & pancetta

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