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Scare of my life

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I will never wait 3 years again to have my testing done. What a horror it was to go in and get photos done to end up having them call me back to get more pictures. Today I spent over and hour in there with them taking scan after scan, position after postion. No one telling me really what was going on. I finally had enough and said, what exactly are you looking for. They said they saw a spot on my right breast and they needed to see from several angles to make sure it was ok. After bursting out in tears. The radioligist (sp?) came in and stated just three more pictures just to be sure, then he came back and stated since I have had a breast reduction, he believe it to be scar tissue and that I am ok. Nothing but healthly breast tissue, his exact words. I could have hugged him. My grandmother had breast cancer when she was 40, so the fear I have is now enough to never put this off again. I did thank them for not making me wait for the findings, that would have killed me. They told me to follow up with my dr and that I will get a letter in the mail. It better be a nice letter, I dont want one of these, we made a mistake deals. UG. The whole thing made me go back to my desk at work and eat a candy bar. I have not done that in over a year and I have no excuse. It is not going to happen again. Dont need that junk, but a good shot of whiskey now we are talking. Kidding. Anyway, get your done today, dont put it off!!!

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Hi Stormy,

I totally understand how scary that is to go through. I had my first mammogram in mid-June and after two weeks I got the message they needed to do an ultrasound of my right breast, a week later had the ultrasound and then another two weeks later they had called me to tell me they wanted an MRI. So I had to go through these 3 procedures within a 6 week time frame and I was panicked...

I have had two breast reductions, one in 1994 and the other in 2004 and I kept telling myself that it better just be scar tissue. Well, everything was fine and I am 100% good, but because I had Thyroid Cancer the end of 2006, let me tell you, I was scared off my rockers...

I am so happy to hear that you are good.



I also agree, if you haven't had a Mammogram, get it done, take care of yourself.

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