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27 October 2009


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Threw up twice last night from stress so i'm on liquids for a while. Might try something soft for dinner if that doesn't work then i'm gonna call for an unfill for a while. Doing some Maalox too to get the inflamation down.

B: Grape juice

L: Protein shake

S: 100 calorie pack pringles

D: About 4 bites of refried beans and about 4 bites of a cheese enchilada. Also a few chips and cheese. Was able to keep this down which is good, but couldn't eat much at all. Got full really fast.

S: More chips and cheese when I got off work

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Breakfast: Tomatoe pie

1/2 orange

Lunch: Tomatoe flavored Tuna

5 Breton crackers

1/2 orange

Dinner: squash

spaghetti sauce

calories : 1224

Protein: 63

Debbie...Yummm..the idea of squash and spaghetti sauce is a good one..I can hardly wait! I also like the above idea of using lettuce leaves to contain a wrap. What a clever idea. I'm only on day 12 post op so my big dietary thrill today was having a cup of carrot soup with some Tex-Mex spice sprinkled on top for flavor. LOL


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