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How do I know if my band is too full?

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If you don't get a bit of an unfill, you might get so swollen that you need a COMPLETE unfill which is what I had to get for three weeks. I gained nine pounds in three weeks. You don't want to go there, so get an unfill right away!!! Besides, having been there, I can tell you that you might lose weight at first by not eating, but then your body will start storing fat cause it's starving and you'll probably end up gaining weight- even though you're not eating. You will not lose weight this way. Losing weight takes proper nutrition and PATIENCE. Now go get that unfill. You have me worried sick over here.


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You should certainly be able to swallow liquids.

You should be able to eat, with very small bits, and lots of chewing.

The goal of the band is slight restriction - not complete restriction.

as wonderful as it is 'not to eat', you need to understand the strain you're putting on your band - there's been quite a few recent threads regarding over-fills, incluidng one member who had to have her band removed because she had it too tight for a few months.

just sayin'.

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Thanks for scaring the life out of me ;) I will be going to get half of my last fill taken out.... he put in .5cc so i will ask him to take out .25cc and see if that eases up my life a little.

How does it put strain on the band by the way? Is it because there is pressure on top from the fluids or food i am consuming and the hole is too small for it to pass through and the pressure makes it pop or how does that work? Im really interested..?

Thanks so much for your advice xoxoxo

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