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i can't get approved

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so i've tried every finance company in the world. so turns out there are some things on our (me&cosigners) credit. looks like i have to wait longer. i tried one more time today using my brother as a co-signer and im praying that it goes thruuu...i really really want this!! cross ur fingers for me!!

:( :((

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some things in life don't go the way we want ...

I know most of us paid for this out of pocket, in cash.

This surgery was a 'luxury' for me, and i didn't want to go in debt for it.

i know the finance companies charge an outrageous amount in interest, so pls keep that in mind.

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thank you all... yes im going to look into prosper.com

i don't have the entire amount in full... to be able to pay for it out of pocket.

so i have to finance it. i can afford it but the only thing is... there is some things that showed up on my credit that hurt my score, also... my co-signers. we didnt even know these things were there and have to file police reports. buuuuut.. that means i have to wait longer for this. i really want to get this done this year. i will not give up. thank you all.

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