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I'm still on liquids...

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I was just looking through my paperwork and saw that it said I should only be taking my liquids in 1/2 cup increments...uh-oh!! I haven't been doing that!

Now at first, I guess I was swollen and could hardly take any at one time...but now...2 weeks out, I am able to drink about a cup of soup at a time...but I just read that I should only be drinking 1/2 cup at a time

Am I misunderstanding something? Do you think I've hurt anything??? I haven't had any problems...just wondering if I messed something up and if I should now start only drinking 1/2 cup at a time!!


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I'm sure you are OK, but just to be safe i'd do what they say. Drink like a 1/2 cup and then even like an hour later you can do more, but I would spread it out. Good luck!!

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