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6 November 2009


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Had a HORRIBLE morning! Was in the ER at 1:45 am with Stomach Cramps, chest pains and back pains....Thought it was going to be my gall blader or my worse fear, my band. After X-Rays and blood work I found out that I was completly impacted...It was horrible.

B- Laxative (Pre surgery style)...ughhhhhhhhh


L-Veg Soup

S-HOT HOT Coffee - I have had chills all day....

D-TBD ....Tummy still very upset :( Had bean soup, mostly soup.....



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Ugh so sorry I hope you are feeling better!!!! I have had that happen before and it is miserable!!!!!

B: None

S: One fun sized snickers bar

L: Chips and cheese and two pieces of ham

D: 1 chicken strip, a few french fries

S: Wine

Calories so far: 1,000

I have been eating sooo crappy lately! My schedule should be back on track starting this week so no more excuses! I am running in a 5k next weekend so I need to get out and run too.

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