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Hey Everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile. I'm doing great. I was banded June 28 and weight 220 that day. Today, I weigh 183. I've had one fill of 1.5cc. I don't have any regrets. I love the way I look and feel. I vomit a lot though. I know it's all me and not the band. I'll take a big 'ol bite of something and immediately be like, "oh crap! why didn't I take a smaller bite?" 28 years of bad eating habits are hard to break.

Someone else may have already posted this, but I just thought I'd share it. My sister got this from someone in her gastric bypass support group and forwarded it to me. I wish I knew who the author is to give them credit. I hope you like it.

I have given this LOTS of thought. I am tired of people saying that I am not losing weight the natural way. Or I am "cheating". Or I took the easy way out... I don't struggle with food, daily, like "real dieters do."

I would like to change the perspective just a bit. You're always going to run into people who think they know the perfect way to do something. If you don't do it their way then you are a failure or a cheater. My perspective: this is so very similar to pregnancy and childbirth... stay with me, people...

Some people get pregnant at the thought of sex, or by looking at someone of the opposite sex... some try for years and it never happens for them.

Some people have to take medicine to get pregnant, and still others have to go through medical procedures to get it to work.

Others foster, adopt or opt for surrogacy.

Whatever method they take, it is what is necessary for them. It is their choice, and is a matter of genetics, luck, faith, timing and, sometimes, finances.

Some women give birth if they sneeze. They walk out of the delivery room in their pre-pregnancy jeans.

Some people fight the fight to maintain their pregnancy until it is viable... they stay on bedrest, take medication, are hospitalized... they pray.

Some couples opt for natural childbirth. Others won't consider a vaginal birth for reasons of fear or vanity. Some have gas and air, others go straight for the hard drugs. Others plug right in to the epidural and soldier on.

Some women push for a few minutes, others for days.

Occasionally, after giving it everything they have, in order to have a healthy baby (the true ultimate outcome) they are taken for emergency c-section.

What's the point? In this example, the method of conception isn't important... it's the ultimate desire and accomplishment of becoming a parent... whether by birth, adoption, or otherwise.

The method of delivery isn't important... it's the culmination of dreams, goals and desires, finally coming to fruition and seeing it all come to be!

There will be women and men who say you didn't "do it naturally" or will question how, why or when... but all that really matters is the goal and the outcome. Just like they will gloat about how they were in hard labor for 4 days, delivered a 10 pound baby in one push, without meds, and ran a marathon the next day... guess what? I don't care. Keep your sarcasm, enjoy your blessed genetics that allowed that to happen, and brag to someone else, because it's not blowing my skirt up!!! It was different for me. I don't owe anyone justification for this decision. My goal was health, happiness and a natural, long life. That was not possible for me, before. Now, I am reborn... the how and the why aren't important. It's what I do with this new life that matters.


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That's a great post. Thank you for sharing it. It's so true! Who says getting surgery (and likely paying for it out of pocket) is easy? Pshaw. This is why I have chosen to share this information with some and not all in my life.

You're inspirational with your weight loss - please keep posting. I just had surgery so I love reading stuff from people like you, a little further along on the journey.

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