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9 November 2009


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OK, this girl is back on track!!! Yesterday I cooked up a couple of meals and portioned them out in tupperware and also divided out some veggies and what not. If you looked at my fridge you would think I was an obsessive complulsive wierdo, but it is so nice to have all that food all ready to go and I don't have an excuse not to eat well!!!

B: Cheerios (dry)

L: Fat free refried beans w/ enchilada sauce and cheese

S: This little desert thing that you are supposed to put in coffee - no idea what they are called but it was good!

S: Soup at hand chicken noodle - this unfill is killing me i'm starving! <_<

D: Chili (about 1/2 cup)

S: Chips and dip

Calories so far: 1200

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