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Need some support

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About a 2 months ago I realized that I was too tight after a long journey of about 4 months of not losing anything. I never PB'd but I would slime with everything I ate and would only be able to eat 2 -3 bites of food every meal. When I started having trouble with liquids I knew I needed an unfill. I called Dr. So and spoke with him on the phone and he confirmed my thinking and stated that I needed to get in for an unfill. He also highly encouraged having it done under fluoro. I went to the surgeon office that has done my fills and the PA took out 1.5 and refused to do the fluoro. I also tried to get her to take most of the fluid out just to be on the safe side knowing that I was going to try and go back to the OCC soon, but she refused and left 1.85 in. I left being worried that I was still too tight but thought I would go back if needed. I knew that I was very swollen and bloated so did 6-7 days of liquids and then mushies. Did great with that and thought that I was on my way to getting better.

Was able to eat solid foods fine for about a week. Then I got a stomach virus - did not throw up but was very nauseated, bad headache and one bout of diarrhea. (My daughter had the same thing I had about 2 days after me so I know for sure it was a virus and not a symptom of being too tight). The nausea lingered with that virus for about 4 days. I went back on liquids and mushie food just to make sure I would hopefully avoid swelling again. Started feeling much better but started noticing a weird "pain/irritation" near and around my port site, but it didn't feel port related, it felt intestine related, if that makes sense. I called Dr. So and he thought that I was having some residual issues from the stomach virus so back on liquids. I did the liquids and again started feeling much better but the "irritation/pain" was less frequent but never went completely away with a pattern of coming and going never any worse or better -- just there. Sometimes I notice it when I eat and sometimes it happens even when I haven't eaten anything. It lasts for about 5-10 seconds, sometimes longer and then it quits. I thought it might be gas but now I am not so sure because now it is happening more frequently and lasts a little bit longer.

I am pretty sure that I am not swollen because I don't feel that awful bloating that I felt when I was swollen and I can eat solid foods now just fine. I can even eat solid food for breakfast which I haven't done for 4 months, it was always a protein shake. And I have enough restriction that I have started to finally lose again. I have been stuck between 211 and 213 for the longest time. Today I am 207.

In the meantime I got my passport and bought a plane ticket to go back to OCC just to have everything checked out. I leave tomorrow and have my appt. on Thursday. I am very nervous that during that approx. 3-4 months of being too tight something has happened to harm something. The weird thing about the being too tight is that for me it was a gradual thing, it was never anything where I would get a fill and the next day know for sure that I was way too tight. It was a slow and gradual process, so I don't really know for sure how long I was actually too tight.

So as maybe you can imagine my mind is in overdrive. What if I have erosion or a partial slip or whatever but I am pretty worried, which is not helping anything with my band. Today I feel much tighter than I have for the last 3-4 weeks. I am hoping that it is stress related. I don't like to fly and always get stressed with flying. I hate leaving my kids and animals (single mom) even though I know they will be fine. And when I get back it will be announced at my work that I will be taking over a new job that is supervising more people and being in charge of a busy clinic. (lots of stress).

I really don't want to have a complete unfill but I am starting to think that is where I am headed. And if that is the worst that happens from this then it is what it is. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that maybe I will come out of this with a clean bill of health but I don't know. That pain/irritation is really starting to worry me. I would really appreciate some words of support and encouragement. And I know this is a big long book but thanks for bearing with me. I really have no one else to say all of this too who would understand anything that I said. I will keep you all updated after I see Dr. So or Dr. Acosta on Thursday.

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Hey Dawn--

I can't get past why the person working the unfill wouldn't completely unfill you like you had asked. Gees!

It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure, and worrying about what may be happening with your band is only adding to it. Rest assured they will take great care of you when you get to OCC. From the sounds of it, being too tight sort of becomes a vicious cycle, and having a stomach virus on top of all of it sounds like it sort of threw things for a loop.

You are going to do just great. Try not to worry too much. And feel free to hug Dr. So for all of us -- or just eat him up for being so cute!! :)

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I am not a physician nor do I play one on tv, but I don't think your band has slipped. It is my understanding that when a band slips the ability to eat solid foods is out of the question and from what you have said you are able to eat solids. As for the pain at the port site, I have absolutely no idea, but hopefully it is something that can be easily treated.

Your flight will be fine tomorrow and I am sure that your appointment will give you peace of mind and help you figure out the pain issue.

Please keep us updated when you can.


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GOOD LUCK! I know each individual will be different. I too was too tight and could not get to the occ for an unfil for about I think it was almost 4 months. I was soooooooooo scared! BUT you have no idea how much better you will feel once u get in there and have it looked at. For me he did NOT do a complete unfil. I did have to do liquids and malox for a week :)

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!

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Good luck let us know how it goes!!!!!! I sure hope it is just an unfill and not more, but i'm sure it will work out.

Good luck!!

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