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Stretched Pouch?

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How do you know if your pouch is stretched? Are there signs like there are with an overfill like vomiting etc?

I stretched mine and I had NO idea. I guess looking back, there were signs, but not ones I noticed.

I got a fill and then spent the next week unable to eat more than a bite or two at a time, and PB'd a lot. I thought my stomach had just swollen some and once that calmed down, I'd be fine. Turns out, my pouch had stretched, and that's why I was able to eat more after a week or so... I still threw up more than "usual" but rather than having it checked, I subconsciously adjusted my diet to foods that didn't make me yack.

Now I've had to have a complete unfill and am crossing my fingers and toes that my pouch shrinks back up so that I can go back to normal. what a pain!

My lesson has been learned though - if you throw up more than occasionally, something isn't right. And get ALL of your fills done under flero!

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