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Yes, I get these unexpected "holidays" from my band as well. I usually treat them like holidays, too...eating all the wrong foods just because I CAN. It shows me time and again that left to my own devices, I'd still be in the 250's. Thankfully, I only seem to loosen up for one day every few months. If it's been a few days, you might have lost some more belly fat and might need atiny fill. I'd wait at least a week to see.


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My band is so unpredictalble that some times it feels like I don't even have one. At other times, same time of day and same food will get stuck. And yeah I do take advandage of those times. but I feel bad after and wonder if somthing is wrong, do I need a fill? Am I causing damage by doing this? Then it will close up and I am glad that I didn't run in for a fill.

I don't know if everyone has this same experience or not

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Oh yeah normally mine does that same thing too. Can eat the same thing two days in a row and one day fine, next day stuck city!

Sadly since I had an unfill i'm back to where I was this time last year - ugh! I can eat literally anything even bread. So i'm trying to be good w/ it and am trying to go high fiber and protein to keep myself full. I got some Orowheat double fiber bread so that for now I can take advantage of having bread again but also keeping it healthy and getting the much needed fiber. I'm having some issues in the bathroom dept so hopefully that will help.

I'm gonna get up in the morning and get a good workout in before heading to two holiday gatherings. My family tries to be good, but their idea of vegetables is corn so i'm gonna have to just try to portion it out and count my calories and be done. I'll have my niece w/ me so alcohol is out which is good too. I can get a fill on the 2nd, but they warned me that can't put it all back in at once, so I still won't be where I was, but hopefully it will at least help. I can eat anything right now and don't like that feeling. My weakness is bread so I don't need to be taking advantage of that!

Have a good turkey day!

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My band feels like it is wide open the last few days. Geesh... anyone else get this as well? Bad week for this to happen.. haha. Just my luck it will probably tighten up on Thanksgiving!



The craziest thing was I was thinking about you this morning because I was banded a month after you and you told me one time that you're weight loss had been sllloowwwww like mine and I was wondering if it had kicked up bcuz mine is still super duper slow. I started to feel bad last night after I ate half of an empenada and a serving of chips a few hours after I ate a couple of dollar tacos for dinner! Geez, I kept thinking, "Did I really get the band bcuz I really can't feel it right now!". I've been really trying hard but I have only lost 7lbs since my liquid stage ended the frst week of July...uggghhh. I had my 3rd fill the beginning of this month and I was really restricted for a few days but have loosened up. I did lose 2lbs the first week and I can't understand why I haven't lost more because since that last fill, I have been working out 1-2 hours 3 times a week. What the heck?! At least my clothes feel looser and this last week, several people at work asked me if I had lost weight. The fill doctor at the OCC (I keep forgetting his name but he's a cutie and such a sweetheart =) always reminds me that I'm a lot smaller than the majority of the patients and my weight is going to come off a lot slower but I don't accept that. I'm at 157 lbs. now and I know it is harder for me but dang, I'm working my butt off with the little restriction that I have! Man, I need to stop stepping on that damn scale cuz it's drying me insane! I'm just so grateful for all you guys on this forum because otherwise, I would drive myself nuts :D

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Hugs to you. I knew if I took the time to read the boards I'd understand that when I get deep in my head is when I need the boards the most. I usually do the opposite though.

The posts you received were really good for me to see. I've been struggling struggling struggling with motivation and I convinced myself I was the only person in the world with limited results. I know why I had limited results mind you...I just wasn't motivated but after long long long self reflection I was able to see the light. I know that if I wouldn't have been banded, not only would I weight more than I do today, I'd weight more today than I did at my highest weight.

I am so thankful for the band. To be honest, I'd start to binge and then pb. My husband would be concerned and I'd look at my husband and I'd say "The band is doing it's job."

I'm just starting to listen to the band instead of listening to my head. It took me about 6 months to stop thinking I knew better, but I'm finally ready to play by the rules. Now I just need to stay on the board so I don't get into my head too deeply if I have a set back.


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