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Mental Health Question

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Hello All!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day & if you're a shopper, good luck today! I'm working but doing a little online (shhhh)! ;)

Anyway, I'm about ready to set up my appt. for hopefully the end of Feb. and have a few questions about how the lap band as helped in physical and none physical ways. I suffer from depression and definitely have my ups and downs but I was wondering if anyone out there also has suffered and if they have seen a difference since they most likely have a better self-esteem? I'm sure it won't completely go away, but I'm hoping that it'll at least help if I feel better about myself. Also, I know this is probably tied in with the depression, but do you see an increase in your energy level since you've started losing weight?

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Hi Skinny!

First of all, congrats on making this difficult but empowering decision. You won't regret it (and i'm a super super slow loser :)).

In terms of mental health and self esteem, i have depression too and I'll be honest with you, there wasn't some dramatic self esteem improvement or energy improvement. Yes, I felt a lot more confident once i started seeing the difference in my body. Yes, I had more energy because I was physically lighter and fitter. Yes, I feel more motivated because I finally feel like I have some kind of hope that eventually I won't be fat and unhealthy. All of that definitely had an impact on me. However, I won't lie to you, I still have depression and still have to manage my symptoms. This does not change. At first, yeah I wasn't feeling depressed. But once you get used the band and your new normal, depression has a way of kicking in again. The important thing is to keep taking your meds, communicate with your doctor/psychiatrist and do what you need to take care of yourself (exercise, sun lamp, support system, etc.). As long as you're being proactive, the post band energy and self esteem boost will stick around.

Good Luck and if you need to talk some more, PM me.


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Hi Babe!

Thanks so much for your honest reply! I kind of figured that would be how it would happen but wanted to hear about it from someone first hand. Another tough thing too is some of my meds make me eat, I'm hoping they sabotage me!

I'm just so tired of what I see in the mirror.

Thanks again!


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