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December 17th food log

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Breakfast: You quessed it......Tomatoe Pie and a orange. It really is my secret weapon :)

Lunch: tuna

5 Breton Crackers


Could it be that consistency is one of the keys LOL

Dinner: Chicken and vege


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I've read about how eating the same diet will give you success! I believe you are living proof! If only I could make myself eat the same things over and over. My hubby does it all the time. We are two different cuts of cloth he and I and that is why we work so well. At anyrate! I would do well to take a lesson from you Ms. RevyD! smile.gif

B - coffee with FF cream

1 bite of pumpkin bread with choc chips

1 pc of pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting.

L - black bean patty


VW -

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