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Tis the season

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As I think of the holiday time quickly approuching I have found I am so much happier then in the past few holidays. The experience of the band and the results have been one of the biggest blessings in my life. The new found consitant success in losing weight is the path to victory over this weight. I am so glad I finally went to get this band it is the lifeline I needed to be successful. I will not miss all the holiday treats and sweets I will just savor the sweet treat of the scale and the pleasure of its message. Hope everyone enjoys the season and the Best Wishes for the New Year and all the success that will come with hard work and time.

Banded 4/20/09 Dr. Ortiz

Start 255

Home from surgery 253

First fill in June 09

Second in August 09

Third in November 09

Current Weight 198

57 pounds down on 12/17/09

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These are wise words to live by for us bandsters! Thanks for that quote you have totally inspired me even more :) Merry Christmas! Lets all enjoy our sweet treats this year! Im looking forward to my 1st Christmas as a bandster... losing weight while everyone else is a piggy *grins*

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AGREED!!!!! It's funny I feel like i've been eating too much, but when I look at what I used to eat it's so much less. It feels good!

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