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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! I wish you all a wonderful 2010! May you have health, wisdom, happiness, and wealth!

I hope to see less of you this next year! Looking forward to getting skinny with you all!

Be safe and have a wonderful time in whatever you do tonight!

As for me and my family, we are watching FRINGE and going to bed early. Hubby wakes at 5 am and so our New Year is modified to fit our lifestyle. Normally I stay up and wake the hubby for the kiss, but tonight I plan on going to bed. If I wake up, I will smootch my honey then. Ah we truly are a young/old married couple! I love my life!

I hope you all are living the life of your dreams, I know I am!



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Same to you Angie.

I also wish everyone a Happy New Year and am excited to see what 2010 will offer. I anticipate I will hit my goal weight before the year is up and then look into an extended tummy tuck.

Talk to you next year and thanks to everyone for being such a fantastic support as I started my new life


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