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Bandster Hell...

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I think I am in it right now. I have no restriction so I am pretty hungry. I have gained 3 lbs. back from the 16 that I have lost. I gained them back right after I started eating solids. February 3rd (first fill) can not come fast enough.

Anyone else want to share your BH experience? I would love some encouragement.

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Ohh yeah so sorry you are in banster hell! Best advice I can give is to eat really slow and also to do some Fiber Choice or Benefiber tabs. Those helped me around 10 and 3 when i'd get really hungry. Also, keep in mind at least for me this is when the mental stuff REALLY kicked in! Keep yourself busy - at night don't just sit around and watch TV - find things to do to keep you busy. It WILL get better I promise!

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Bandster Hell, Ughhh.. I remember that. Well, everytime I got hungry outside of my eating my 3 meals a day, I would sip water.

I did try the fiber choice, like Shelby has said she did, and it does help. Infact, I think she told me about that too. :D

Also when eating, chew very very very slow. For some reason I felt fuller longer after a meal.



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