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Medication & Heartburn

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Here is a tidbit of information that I learned at my support group meeting on Saturday.

Research is showing that many people develop heartburn after lapband surgery as a result of taking medication. Initially we are told to crush meds or go for the liquid kind, but as we start experimenting and realize that we can take a large pill without it getting stuck, we do so. Many medications are acidic, especially multi-vitamins and should they get turned sideways and sit on top of the band, not stuck, just turned wrong, they will begin to dissolve and the acid in the medication can cause heartburn.

I had no idea this could happen and boy did I get busted. I have always been able to swallow the large pills and when I finished my last bottle of gummy vitamins I decided to finish the bottle of regular multi-vitamins I had at home. Thinking back, this was about the same time my heartburn started, even though the pill never got stuck as I have known other things to. I will be donating the rest of the bottle to my mother and I high tailed it to Wal-Mart and bought some more gummies. I went ahead and took a Prilosec on Monday (I take one every other day), but have no plans to take one tomorrow as I am now on the gummies. I want to see if stopping the regular multi-vitamin pill will alleviate my heart burn problem - boy do I hope so.

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