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Citrus and the fill

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So I went and received my 4th fill. I was excited because I was hoping to have good restriction. I didnt really feel anything so at first I thought maybe I was not tight enough. I had some broth and went to bed. Then at 4 am I got thirsty so I grabbed a capri sun, drank it and went back to bed. I woke up at 8:00 am completely full of phelgm. She had warned me that citrus after a fill could cause mucous and swelling and she was not kidding. I could not even swollow my spit. I tried to drink hot water, thinking this would loosen me up, no go. I tried regular water, it was not going down either. So I called her. She had me come right in. I was disappointed to have to have some taken out. She asked me if I had something that was on the list of donts. I told her about the drink I had and she stated this is what got me. Now I feel better but I realise that everything in my house that I drink has citrus in it. What a weird thing. I never noticed before. At least I am only on clear liquids for one day and then I can go to soft. Hopefully that means I can go back to drinking what I want. I can't wait to start eating again. My mind is telling me I am hungry. I think all I really need is to chew on something. Maybe I will have some gum. HA! Anyway, watch out for this stuff after a fill if you are like me with that extra phelgm. Yuck!

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