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How much water can you drink?


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Even with multiple fills if you sip you will be fine. I sip pretty much all day and night except for right after i've eaten for 45 min and I get a good amount in. As you have fills you have to be careful and sip, but you will be fine.

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When I came home from surgery, I had to sip sip sip but after a while I got where I could drink liquids fine. Everyone is so different. I have a pretty tight fill right now and I still dont have problems with liquids, only right after a fill, for a couple of days, do I have to be careful and sip. I however still try not to drink to fast as I hear liquids can stretch your pouch as well!

Good Luck to you!


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This last fill has stopped me from drinking a lot of liquids - it's difficult & fills me up very quickly.

Lindsay - how full do you have your band? We are all so different, but I am still curious....I have 2.4 cc's in my 4 cc's band. I got my last fill in December. I am still adjusting to the fill....struggled with my portion size on this one. Also because I got off "plan" during the holidays, I am struggling to get my poop in a group. At any rate....with each fill I have metally adjusted well, but with this one it has thrown me a little.

Do you notice a mental adjustment or are you a-ok?

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One gallon is 64 oz right? I usually drink that in a day. Restriction can really make a difference, it took me about a month to figure out how to adjust and still drink enough water. I can't drink a lot of very cold water, it tightens up my band. What I do is fill up 2 33 oz bottles every night and then drink from them during the day. I mostly work at home, but I took a couple of water bottles to my client's yesterday and just made myself take a 10 minute break to drink 12 oz. I can't chug water like I did before, and I probably drink most of my water in the mornings and at night after dinner.

It's a little weird if you are used to drinking whatever you want whenever you want, but the band is all about making new habits. I have to decide if I want to drink or eat, I usually can't do both. If I drink too much before I eat then I'm not hungry. And I don't drink anything for about an hour after I eat (I wait for the big burp that tells me my pouch is empty)

It just takes some time. I'd also recommend you move conservatively on the fills. Give yourself at least a month before your next fill to see if you get too tight. I've only had restriction for 2 1/2 months, but I have noticed my band tightens up in the 2 weeks after my period.


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