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What KIND of Doctor should I be looking for my Fills?

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I think the term you are looking for is a Bariatric Surgeon or Bariatric Specialist.

Google this - "bariatric surgeon in alaska"

Thanks :) Unfortunately we don't have many in Anchorage and the minute I've mentioned "surgery in mexico" I get the cold shoulder. any suggestions on how to approach these people to at least get some help?

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The OCC at least when I went there had a list of doctors that would see me for aftercare. Might want to call them and see if they have anyone in AK. When looking online I found nobody and when I called them they had three in my town alone.

Good luck!

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Just to add to what Shelby posted above...

When you get cleared for check out from the OCC be sure to ask about getting a Surgery Report sent to you and make sure you dilegently follow up for it. I have found that when dealing with doctors that have their guard up about mexican patients you get a lot further with documentation and mentioning that you have a surgery report helps in keeping the conversation going. You might want to ask the OCC if you could also get a copy of your pre-OP testing results and that may help you as well. There is no such thing as too much documentation as far as sceptic/cautious doctors are concerned. Even if it just means that they think you have all your ducks in lined up in a row that goes a long way.

I stopped in to my primary doctor's office a month post op for a general physical exam as well as to give her a copy of my surgery report so that in the event I did need to go to someone locally for fills she could at least provide a post-op referal. She was so pleased that I followed up with her actually so I earned points there too.

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