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I want to chew something that has flavor


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I am on day 5 of liguids and with all the food in the office and everyone eating lunch, I want to eat so bad. I just want to taste something to chew food. Thought about chewing and spitting itout, but I talked my self out of it. The broth and juice is getting so boring. Any tips? I do gum sometimes but it makes me fill with air and it's uncomfortable.

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1. Active Lifestyle Gellatin Cups - loaded with 4 grams of fiber per serving!

Flavors are better than Jell-O!

2. Mishima Miso Soup poweder mix - comes in individual packets that you just mix with hot water! Only 35 calories a pop.

3. Cool Whip Lite or Cool Whip Free (great with the Jell-O. Feels like you are cheating when you are not)

4. Nestle Rich Hot Cocoa Powder with Caramel - A liquid Candy Bar!

5. Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea Bags - A box of 20 (Try with a dash of skim milk and you would think you paid $3.5 for a cup at Starbucks!

6. Campbell's Soup At Hand "Blended Vegetable Medley"

7. Imagine Organic Creamy Tomato Soup (comes in a rectangle carton)

8. Yonique Low Fat Yogurt Drinks (Pina Colada is awesome)

9. Lifeway Lowfat flavored Kefir (found this at Whole Foods)

9. Slim Fast Optima Shakes (The only protein shake I like)

10. Benefiber individual Drink Powder (like Cystal Light except 3 grams of fiber per pouch - sold in the Metamucil Aisle. Flavors are awesome. Mix with bottled water.)

11. Original V8 - I love this at room temp or heated on the stove as a soup.

12. Naked Fruit Smoothies (variety pack of 10, 10 ounce bottles found at Costco for $13. I use these for breakfast!)

13. Applesauce cups (mix it up by buying flavors like peach or strawberry)

14. Amy's Organic Tomato Bisque Soup

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The hunger pains are normal. I got them too, and they were *maddening.* My solution was a bunch of benefiber (the kind that dissolves clear.) I add it to everything; soups, tea, juice, yogurt, protein shakes etc. And protein, plenty of protein will help too. Take it from one who knows; if you get something stuck, it will hurt way more than the hunger pains!

But really you just have to wait out your stomach's readjustment issues. Soon enough, it will shrink up a bit and stop acting all emo. I promise :)

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