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I got a fill two weeks ago yesterday. Big mistake. I was just borderline on needing one and instead of buckling down and paying more attention to my food intake and exercise, I got a fill. I spent two weeks of limited food and liquid intake. Acid reflux at night. It was miserable. I had .4 put in and yesterday they took out .35. I feel so much better. My lessons learned: (1)Don't take the easy way out. put more effort into watching what you eat and exercising more. (2)If you think you are too tight (water gives you indigestion) get an unfill quickly. I have been banded for 13 months and this is the first problem I have had. I will be much more dilligent in the future.

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So glad you brought this up! I have been pondering a slight fill but I really need to try to focus on more filling foods first and see if that will help. I do eat more than I should, but if I would focus on the type of foods i'm eating I think i'll be OK.

Glad you got it taken care of!!!

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