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Ode To Littleroo, Costco Has Good Things Too

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35 Pack of bottled water for $3.89...my, my, my isn't that fine!

4 Pound bag of Basil Pesto Tilapia Fillets...grill on the George Foreman to really save the day!

Veggie patties galore! Boca Burger, Morning Star Farms, Gardernburger...what more could you ask for!?

In the mood for a sweet treat? What could be better then Skinny Cow & Healthy Choice Ice Cream to eat?

Every sandwich and veggie patty needs a bun! Oroweat Sandwich thins make loosing weight so much fun!

Stay away from the mayo and cream cheese is what we pledge...sub that out with a laughing cow light cheese wedge!

Need something for a snack that won't go to your hips? Try the 100 calorie packs of BBQ Popchips!

12 cans of Starkist Tuna for $8.99?!?! What a brilliant way to save a dime!

Let's not forget the 4 packs of Weight Watcher Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine! Not as boring as rice and beans!

A 3 pound tub of Knudsen Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese will have you asking for seconds please!

Cartons of Kirkland Egg Substitute will make you feel less like a burly brute!

A 6 pound pack of individually wrapped 91% extra lean ground beef. Stick with this and you might fly away like a leaf!

Almost forgot the new addition of Thomas' Bagel Thins...now to find empty kitchin bins to put them in!

Another healthy snack are the Veggie Straws...taste so good they should be outlawed!

I know it's corny but I could'nt resist,

making an ode of my costco Shopping List ;)

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That is too cute, thank you!!!

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