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Lap Band Surgery in Cancun, MS

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I am curious to know if anyone has experienced The OCC in Cancun?? Does Dr. Ortiz do surgery there as well as TJ??

I was informed that since Tijuana was doing so many surgeries, they could not give Dr. Ortiz the time needed to go from one place to the other because travel time was wasted when he could be doing the sugeries here in Tijuana. I was informed of this when I first began to look for a place to have my surgery done. The first place I looked in to was Cancun.

Cancun would be nice but just knowing all the success stories coming from this clinic...I think you would be very happy coming to Tijuana for your sugery. I had mine done yesterday and am feeling pretty good about it today.

Good luck with your future banding. This site has numerous people that are very kind and can answer most if not all questions you may have. I know I am very appreciative of everyone helping me along my way.

Best of Luck

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Have you lost 17 lbs. since surgery? Did you like the TJ clinic, feel safe, any problems? Where will you go for aftercare and fills? How long did you stay before returning home? Was it enough time? Any suggestions? What are you drinking on the liquid phase? Are you starving? I am really concerned about the 21 days of no food. Are you weak? Can you offer any helpful suggestions for getting thru that phase? Thanks . Kimberly

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Hi, I had my surgery on 1/18/10 the 21 days were easier than I thought. I took 2 week off work which helped tremendously. I was not really hungry but had to make sure that I stayed hydrated. As long as I drank enough liquids, water especially water, I was not weak. I drank tea, juice and broth. Towards the last week I started really wanting to eat mostly because everything was getting old, tired of soups, yogurt or anything liquid and was ready to get the next phase started. Once you make the decision to go for it everything else will be easy because you will have made one of the best decisions for your life. That in itself gives you the strength to get through the liquid phase. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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