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21 March 2010


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B: One scrambled egg (a dash of fat free milk) with chopped tomato, onion, zucchini, red bell pepper, and 1 sausage link.

L: 1 can of tuna (and mayo) with chopped onion and tomato and a few wheat thins.

D: grilled chicken ( half the size of my palm) and 1/2 c of salad with blue cheese dressing

Worked out for 45 minutes doing Biggest Loser Videos.

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Hi Revy,

I really want to try the tomato pie out. What kind of pie crust do you use? Do you buy the pre-made, frozen or make your own?



Hi Ashely. I buy the tenderflake frozen pastry shells. You will love the tomatoe pie. I can't go a day without it :)

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B: None, slept in for the first time in a looong time. Felt sooo good!

L: About 4 bites of a hamburger (no bun)and 1/2 a small mcd's fry. Still kinda tight right now - no idea why!

D: Baked beans and ham

S: 2 glasses of wine

Calories: 900

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