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27 March 2010


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Breakfast: Tomatoe Pie


Lunch: Apple and Latte

Dinner: Fish

vege and dill dip


2 tbsp peanut butter

Walked 90 minutes

90 minutes?? GET IT GIRL! That is amazing. I did not work out today, but WOW...you are inspiring me!! Tomorrow will be a better day. By the way, I finally got around to buying some pie crust. It looks like tomato pie will be in my near future :). I also want to learn how to make quiche...yummy :)

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You will love that Tomatoe Pie Girl !!

As for exercise the more weight I lose the m ore addicted I get to it. I would have never thought in a million years that one day I would be looking forward to exercising but I honestly do. My body feels so much better and so does my mind. Tomorrow I will be doing a 2 hour mountain hike with my daughter and can hardly wait :)

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Totally agree on the working out!! It is addictive!! My problem right now has been lack of time. I am hurting money wise, so I have been picking up extra shifts at my 2nd job. So for instance this week Wed night is my only night free. If I can survive the month of April things calm down a lot then.

B: 1 french toast stick and a few bites of hash browns

L: Chicken, potatoes and green beans - ate very little was pretty tight that day

D: Pot luck w/ my family so lots of grazing - ugh! Chips and dip, meatballs, salad and then wine

Calories: 1,100

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