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Post-op @ Lucerna

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Im scheduled for surgery on Friday (!!) and just had a few silly questions...

I'll be in TJ two nights after my surgery. Are there mini-fridges in the rooms at Lucerna? I'd like to bring my own broth my mama made, as well as juices and things and not have to pay hotel rates. Maybe some otterpops too.

If I dont bring my own, what are my options for post-op diet while staying at Lucerna?

Finally, for my sis, I understand the TVs at Lucerna carry mostly spanish channels. Are there DVD players in the rooms so we can bring some entertainment?

Is there free wifi?

I just wanna make sure to be prepared for the recovery phase... and well entertained too ;)

So far the tips Ive garnered from the boards is bring a pillow to buffer from seatbelts on teh way home and bring GasX strips to help with the post op gas. I've got Crystal Light packets, and Im going to pick up some broth concentrates from Trader Joe's tonight.

Ive already ordered protein drinks from Lindora that will be arriving at my house right around the time Im coming home from TJ. I know to pack cozy pjs and a robe and slippers... Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks!!!! Ur experience and advice are invaluable.

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I stayed at the Marriot so I'm not positive but I imagine they are similar??

We got free room service at the Marriot. All the chicken broth and juice and popsicles a girl can eat! Ha!

We had free Wifi

The TV did have mainly Spanish channels BUT there were definitely some English speaking ones with silly American movies running.

My hotel did not have a DVD player.

I hope that helps. If no one that stayed at the Lucerna responds I'd contact the OCC directly and ske these questions as they are very good ones. :)

Good Luck!

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I was there last weekend...No to the mini fridges..they have a special OCC diet menu for you to choose from..No to otter pops but across the street is a mini store who may have something like it..I did find with just the menu and lot's of water. Lucerna has more TV channels then the Marriott (I stayed at both between my daughter and myself), no DVD, daughter brought laptop with her own DVD's I read books. I loved the Lucerna as compared to the Marriot..they take great care of you..

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For sure take your laptop it is a life saver! When I was there is was either spanish speaking stations or a Sunset Tan marathon! I did have fun watching Notre Dame football in Spanish though! :lol:

I just took special K20 packs and had bottled water. I also utilized the store across the street. The broth at the hotel was actually really really good! I took broth with me and tried to make it in the coffee pot but it made me gag!

Only other thing I would suggest is a heating pad - I didn't take one and really wish I would have!

Good luck!!

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thanks everyone. im so ready!

michelle is the broth free? one person at OCC told me yes, another said 'maybe'

just so i know, and wont be shocked at $8 room service broth :)


The broth, juice and essentially everything you eat at the Lucerna will be covered by OCC.

The last time (this past January) I was there for a fill and OCC covered my soup & salad (yummy !) And the orange juice is fresh & hand squeezed!! Double yum!!

If you request extra water they are very accommodating. Just ask at the front desk.

Just as an extra note...I always tip everyone.. the van driver , doorman, waiters & the housekeepers. Their economy is pretty sparse at the moment!

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh chicken fajitas! Brutal!!! Maybe I'll have that as my 'last supper' the night before surgery :)

Thanks all for the tips. I will post tomorrow once im an official bandster !! yahoo!!

How exciting for you! This is a really exciting time, and yes have a last meal if you want, I did and LOVED it!! It is a very nice treat in between the pre-op and post-op diets.

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Hi all!

Sitting in San Diego airport, thought I'd update --

Surgery went really well. I feel fine, kinda tired, and a bit sore, but otherwise pretty good.

The Lucerna was clean, comfortable and the staff was very accommodating. We ordered from the OCC menu and everything I had pre-op was delicious, hello yummy ceviche!! My sister had consistently great meals the rest of our stay. We ended up doing room service most of the time because service in the restaurant tended to be a bit slow but room service was very quick. We had no trouble with Wi-Fi, at Lucerna and at OCC. We were able to print our return-flight boarding passes from the computers in the lobby.

The OCC was spotless and felt very top-of-the-line. I doubt I would have been catered to as well in the US at my neighborhood hospital. Nursing staff as well as all doctors were professional caring and uber-friendly.

Btw, I did have the chicken fajitas for my last supper, with the ceviche for our appetizer, it was super delicious.

Also, for anyone who's heading to Lucerna soon, consider taking a $4 cab ride in ur downtime after surgery to the Rio Plaza shopping center, theres a huge grocery store along with some shops and an awesome movie theater -- Cinepolis VIP Rio Plaza. We saw The Blind Side there -- all the seats at the VIP theater were pre-assigned leather lazyboy recliners with waiter service!! I literally got to watch a movie reclining with my feet up! Totally awesome :)

And thanks everyone for the good advice :)

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