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I am so ordering this DVD for Bogie and me!! How exciting! I am so inspired by Bogie in general and this will be the perfect way to get us moving and in shape (since we both have the same body type - Short and chunky)


Dog Yoga; The Next Big Thing

25.11.2008 | Author: Manny Mackleprang | Posted in Fitness

by Manny Mackleprang

You’ve seen it on talk shows and news programs, read about it in newspapers and on the internet and heard about it on the radio; health and fun friendly Dog Yoga! This unique way of bonding with your pet while exercising has certainly taken America by storm. And there’s no reason it wouldn’t! Not since people first started taking their dogs for walks has there been such an entertaining way to exercise with your canine friend. Dog Yoga, finally a way to strengthen the connection between you and your pet while improving your health!

Dog Yoga has been becoming increasingly more popular over the past few years. From New York City to Scottsdale, AZ to Hollywood, CA, Dog Yoga has made its “bark” on all of these cities. Formal and informal classes have been organized to pass on the art of Yoga to not only dog lovers but also the dogs who are loved.

As instructional Dog Yoga courses have gained popularity over the years, the need for an instructional Dog Yoga DVD became very evident. Before the release of the first and only instructional Dog Yoga DVD; Amy Stevens’ Yoga4Dogs, Dog Yoga fans were forced to rely solely on classes. Often times these classes only included limited instruction by self-taught instructors.

Dog Yoga fans were in a difficult situation; they were without the freedom of being able to participate in Dog Yoga in the comfort of their own home, on their own time. While there are plenty of instructional DVD’s for traditional Yoga, the same could not be said about Dog Yoga. When Amy Stevens’ released her Yoga4Dogs instructional DVD, Dog Yoga enthusiasts were finally afforded the freedom to perform the exercises in the comfort of their own home.

It’s not hard to see why Dog Yoga is so appealing. Everyone loves dogsespecially our own. Dog Yoga is a great way to really strengthen your connection with your dog. Dog Yoga is unique because both you and your dog work together to gain increased harmony with each other. You are not doing the workout alone, nor are you simply helping your dog pose in the different yoga positions. Both you and your dog benefit from Dog Yoga togetherwhile exercising!

Dog Yoga is great for all dogs. Little dogs, medium sized dogs and larger sized dogs can all participate in Dog Yoga. And the best part is; you can do it with them. No dog or human need be left out. Dog Yoga is great for everyone and every dog.

Because Dog Yoga was inspired by traditional Yoga there are some positions in Dog Yoga that are similar. However, Dog Yoga is special due to the fact that it offers poses that both humans and dogs can benefit from. Dogs are not encouraged to participate in traditional yoga but Dog Yoga is great for them and their owners!

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Well the DVD came today and Bogie and I did it together. I have to say that it was a bit too basic for me & I feel like I need something a bit more challenging. Bogie was confused for the most part and when I kept trying to get him into certain poses he reverted back to the "plopped down and lay on the side" pose. It had my son cracking up the whole time. At one point Bogie hid in the corner of the living room and would just watch me from behind his carrier as I did the poses. Over all he was a good sport and absolutely enjoyed the attention at least. His favorite part was the chapter on dog message. He really got into that one :lol:

I will keep doing this a couple times a week but over all Bogie and I could use more of a challenge (As I type this he is giving me a look that says "speak for yourself").

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