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After the post-op diet...any suggestions about what is the right types of foods to eat and especially, which ones to avoid


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Greetings to All,

Seems like I have not experienced REAL food for months. Actually it has been quite a while and it makes me wonder. What is a good type of food to start with and what types of foods are best to introduce slowly? Right now, I can come up with numerous foods I want but stepping back and realizing it has been some time since actual regular diet foods are going to be available to me...I don't want to eat things that will make me wish I had not eaten. The pre-op diet was a hassle, but workable. The post-0p diet seems like it is taking twice as long as the calendar says. Not so much that I am that hungry...I just want something different. You know, things that might have a crunch, or something to CHEW. And...not salads...not at first anyway.

From previous surgeries, not weight related...I have tried fried chicken and wished I had not taken the few bites I did. Stomach said "NO". With this band (without a fill yet) I am curious to see what and how people worked back in to eating regular foods. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have seen some of these wonderful recipies but want to "wade in slowly" because I don't want to make an error my first day out of the gate. I would really like to hear from some of you who have been there and know the ins-and out. OH no...that is my favorite burger place. In and Out Burger...only in California. See, I am really clutching now. Any suggestions?


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What has helped me is not eating out and preparing all my meals at home. I do not fry foods and would not recommend them. If you do not have a George Forman, now is a good time to buy one. I grill everything on the George that I do not bake in the oven.

Things that I recommend are:

grilled fish fillets: Maui Maui, salmon, tilapia, cod, etc.

Grilled vegetables

granola bars

fresh fruit

salads (aid in digestion & count as vegetables)

whole grains

egg white ommelets

Dr. Miranda has a webinar video posted to this forum that is VERY GOOD at explaining your nutritional needs and how you should be eating. I would check that out first. Dr. Miranda

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Thanks for the suggestions. I do not own a George Forman grill, but I will purchase one. I know fried foods are off of the list, I have been away from them so long, I probably could not tolerate them at all.

You have been very helpful since I began my journey...and I thank you for all of your support.

All My Best

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Well, unfortunately it is different for each person. Prior to any fills I could still eat anything just not as much of it. It wasn't until my 2nd fill when bread was out the window. I'm also one that can't do any meat that is too dry and fried foods are out until at least dinner and sometimes still not then. I just eat slow and if I get stuck I stop. Sometimes it's too late and I get sick but I try to do that as little as possible.

My only recommendations are protein first (fish, beans, etc...) then do some fruits and veggies and then if still hungry some carbs. But usually for me if I follow this rule i'm hungry after the veggies. I usually do proteins and veggies/fruits at the same time. Just avoid those slider foods - don't eat them just b/c you are afraid something will get stuck!

Good luck!

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