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Can someone tell me the post op diet so I can shop before I leave for Mex?

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Hello Again,

I forgot to let you know what to buy before leaving for Mexico. I stocked up on the Vitamin Water, and different non-carbonated drinks. I paid close attention to the electolytes that the drinks contained because it is very important to keep those at the correct level. When I was shopping for those, I just made sure that they had no calories (or very few) and purchased which flavors I liked most. Coffee was also a big help for me...and tea.

Chicken Bullion will be your main course...There are other bullions that will be OK but I liked the chicken. When you are are at the motel after your both before surgery and after surgery, the motel resturant will know what you can have. Remember you will not be able to have anything to eat or drink the night before surgery. The doctor will allow certain medications for blood pressure etc, if you are on them...but NOTHING ELSE but a sip of water. So...once again, good luck at the OCC...they will treat you like family. Let me know how your trip goes.

Best of Luck,

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I also liked the lo-cal gatorade and special k protein water. I drank tons of both. And miso soup is a good alternative to broth if you get sick of the broth.

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OMG!!! Someone who plans & shops ahead of time just like I did BEFORE surgery ?!?!?!

Here is "the list:"

A list for those on liquids that I found has worked for me. I am greatful that this stage has given me the oppertunity to find new things I now can't live without

1. Active Lifestyle Gellatin Cups - loaded with 4 grams of fiber per serving! Flavors are better than Jell-O!

2. Mishima Miso Soup poweder mix - comes in individual packets that you just mix with hot water! Only 35 calories a pop. (counts as a clear)

3. Cool Whip Lite or Cool Whip Free (great with the Jell-O. Feels like you are cheating when you are not)

4. Nestle Rich Hot Cocoa Powder with Caramel - A liquid Candy Bar!

5. Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea Bags - A box of 20 (Try with a dash of skim milk and you would think you paid $3.5 for a cup at Starbucks!) (counts as a clear)

6. Campbell's Soup At Hand "Blended Vegetable Medley"

7. Imagine Organic Creamy Tomato Soup (comes in a rectangle carton)

8. Yonique Low Fat Yogurt Drinks (Pina Colada is awesome)

9. Lifeway Lowfat flavored Kefir (found this at Whole Foods)

9. Slim Fast Optima Shakes (The only protein shake I like)

10. Benefiber individual Drink Powder (like Cystal Light except 3 grams of fiber per pouch - sold in the Metamucil Aisle. Flavors are awesome. Mix with bottled water.) (counts as a clear)

11. Original V8 - I love this at room temp or heated on the stove as a soup.

12. Naked Fruit Smoothies (variety pack of 10, 10 ounce bottles found at Costco for $5.99. I use these for breakfast!)

13. Applesauce cups (mix it up by buying flavors like peach or strawberry)

14. V8 Splash

15. Special K Vitamin Water (Counts as a clear)

16. Popsicles (counts as a clear)

17. Vegetable, chicken, or beef broths (counts as a clear)

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Hello all,

My surgery is on Monday. I am wondering what you eat the first week post op so I can shop before I leave on Sunday.



I got banded this past Monday (Apr 5) so I am just nearing the end of the first week liquid diet. Some days it has been real easy, other days a little more difficult. I have never been one who was into meditation, but I have adopted a Zen-like approach to the post-surgery liquid diet -- I know it has to be done, I know it sometimes will be difficult so I try to reach a place of inner peace and just get through it. So far, it's working. Since Monday I have lost 11 pounds.

The biggest issue I have had has been gas, so make sure you stock up on plenty of Gas-X strips. Here is what I have used for the first week liquid diet:

1. The day after surgery, I made a giant pot of homemade chicken stock. Buy some cut-up chickens, carrots, celery, onions, etc. and boil in a large stock-pot for a whole day. Then, strain out the liquid and put in a refrigerator to cool. Then, skim the fat. I live on this stock, it has been a lifesaver and tastes much better than canned chicken broth or bouillon.

2. My other lifesaver has been popsicles.

3. For drinks, I have been drinking sugar-free vitamin water and Sobe Life Water, diluted orange and cranberry juice and some coffee every day.

That's about it for me. When I get up in the morning, I have a cup of black coffee and a glass (12 oz) of diluted orange or cranberry juice. For lunch and dinner,I have a cup of broth, two popsicles and another glass of juice. And lots of water throughout the day.

One other thing -- make sure you take a couple of days and get good rest. I was feeling good the day after the surgery so I went back to work and tried to get back to a normal life right away. Big mistake. I got very sore, so I've been resting a lost more the past few days and feel much better.

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thanks everyone for the information. I am currently a stay at home mom due to a job layoff and I stay home with our two and four year old. My surgery is on Monday. I plan on staying in Mexico until Wednesday, but just want to make sure I have what I need when I get home. I've been eating all my last meals this week, so I'm sure I'll have a good weight lose next week.

Keep you all posted!

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Hi there. I am on day 11 post op, day one of full liquids :)

For the first week, I lived off of Gatorade, coffee, chicken broth, and popsicles. I limited myself to only one popsicle a day, and even then I had sugar free popsicles. (I got the Topicals Popsicles, soooo delicious, and I generally don’t like “sugar free” stuff) I bought some of the Sobe LifeWater / Vitamin Water / Special K Protein water products but didn’t drink any of them, can’t stand the fake sugar taste. I drank either water or coffee for refreshment.

I had home made chicken broth the first few days, then I experimented with some of the boullions I had purchased at Comerica Mexicana when I was in TJ, yummy. Eventually I hit up the local pho (Vietnamese soup) restaurant and they sold me a quart of their chicken pho broth for $2. Next I got wonton soup from a Chinese place and sieved that, so tasty. Next I’m going to hit up a Japanese place to buy some of their ramen broth. Basically, I got bored with basic broth so I mixed it up quite a bit.

Once I could add drinkable yogurts, I enjoyed one per morning as my breakfast. I like Dannon Light n Fit drinkables, or DanActive Immunity drinks.

Lunch is still broth, dinner is hot tea and more broth, with a popsicle a few hours later.

Once I could add protein drinks, I started having Carnation Instant Breakfast packets. I bought the variety pack and am really enjoying that. They are tasty and really filling. I bought a small non-fat latte this past wknd when having coffee with my girlfriends and discreetly poured in a packet of Carnation instant breakfast French vanilla flavor, sooo yummy! And it kept me full for hours.

Today I start full liquids. The OCC was very clear we are not to puree soups during the full liquids phase, just sieve them, so I made soup last night and sieved it. I have ten more days after today of this – woohoo, here we go. I also bought applesauce and am going to keep my eyes open for other yummy options. Miso sounds good too.

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