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Post Op Pre Fill Diet: Weight Watchers or Atkins???

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Hi All. For my preop diet, I lost 12lbs on atkins induction phase and was not hurtin' in fact I really liked it. In the past I've done weight watchers and really enjoyed that too, but got lazy about counting and tired of never feeling 'full' so I didnt stick to it for longer than 3 or 4 months at a time.

Tomorrow I get to go back on solid food and I have a feeling I wont be having any restriction -- hello, bandster hell. So what do you think, should I resume atkins, that way Im sure im getting all the protein I need, or should I go back on WW? I need to pick a plan and stick with it so I dont regain what I've lost on pre-op and post-op so far (about 20lbs).

Weight Watchers: pros, eat whatever you want just tiny portions, cons, $17 a month for online access and it does not list protein/ calorie counts, just points

Atkins: pros, eat til you're full regardless of restriction, plenty of protein. cons, high fat, restricts lots of veggies and fruits.

What did you do while you were in bandster hell? Suggestions?


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WW, WW, WW, WW!!!! I have had 4 fills and STILL do WW! I am strictly and On-Line member and the cost is not $17/mo, it is $12.95. My suggestion to you if you do not like counting is a "points bracelet" (you can find them on e-bay or make your own). It is a beaded elastic bracelet that has a removable charm on a lobster claw. Every bead counts as 1 point. If you are allowed 24 points your bracelet should have 24 beads (with a different color/size stop/start bead). Every time you eat a point you move the charm over 1 bead. I made my own bracelets with beads, charms, lobster claws and elastic string I got from Michael's.

If you do not want to do the on-line thing then you can go at it alone with the points bracelet.

Post Script: Some people need more structure and some people need less. I need more and that is why I chose WW. Like WW, the band is merely a life long tool. My thought was that the band + WW = the best of both worlds for a lifestyle change that I could live for the rest of my life.

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One of the main reasons I got the band was so that I could learn to eat for life--not diet...I am done with that..so what I do is log everyday online at Calorie King..very reasonable price and a wonderful resource..what has always worked for me is a low carb way of eating..not any particular "diet" I have found that true to Dr. Miranda's outline for eating..protein first then some carbs and that keeps me full longer...I have not gained any weight back since being banded and I have lost 5 pounds..My first fill is in three more weeks. I have started a regular exercise routine too,,which is I believe on of the the key factors...So do what works for you and what you think you can live with for the rest of your healthy life!

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I finally got around to asking the nutritionist about this. She said if atkins works for me, its ok to continue it esp. right now because I have no restriction. She said she'd rather have me on atkins than hungry all day. What i didnt tell her is that atkins works for me bc im a compulsive carb eater. moderation isnt and has never been an option,its like my brain goes on auto pilot and next thing you know the bag of chips that i was going to "just have one" of is gone. same with alcohol, and i have that up 2 years ago.

it seems cold turkey works better for me than "just one bite" ... or drink.

im optimistic that once restriction sets in, ill truly be able to eat in moderation, and ill even be able to have complex carbs again (brown rice, oats, quinoa, etc) and the band will keep me from binging on them. we'll see :) one day at a time.....

in the meantime, ill start posting my food journal here often, in case any are curious or have suggestions.

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