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27 April 2010


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Tuna Casserole Quiche, 279 cal, 21g fat, 2g carbohydrates, 19g protein


Cottage Cheese, 2% Milkfat, 0.5 cup

WW Creamy Chicken Broccoli entree no pasta, 128 cal, 4g fat, 9g carbohydrate, 13g protein


Apple-Glazed Pork Chops (my recipe) 331 cal, 18g fat, 4g carb, 36g protein

Spinach, fresh, 1 cup 7 cal

Balsamic Vinegar, 0.5 tbsp, 4 cal


Yogurt, greek style, honey, full fat, Trader Joe's, 0.5 serving 150 cal, 7g fat, 15g carb, 5g protein

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies, 2 gummies

Vitafusion Multi Vites, 2 gummies


Calories: 1,026

Total fat: 53g

Total Carbs:43g

Total Protein: 90g

Net Carbs: 36g

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