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advice anyone???

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I am planning to get my surgery in Mexico in January. I was told my Dr. uses the Allergan 4cc band. I'm concerned about this because i was told by an american Dr. to make sure they use the AP band because there is less chance of erosion and slippage. I'm thinking 4cc's is just too small. Any thoughts or experiences?


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They base the SIZE of your band on the weight you'll be losing.

I forget what I remember reading in this forum, but I believe it's over 100+ (give or take) they give you a larger one.

The restriction on a smaller band is not nearly as gradual, compared to a larger one.

Which is a GOOD thing.

Quick weight loss can lead to a handful of very serious effects, which can be prevented in this case.

(unlike, with gastric bypass)

I also know I've read by Dr O uses the band he does. Including the AP vs Allergan - I believe they're the same band - the company bought it?

As for erosion, and slippage - this is something you'll hear a lot about, but it very rarely actually happens.

Slippage is mainly due to abuse of the band (and I'll leave it at that) -- erosion is again, very very rare, and can happen to anyone regardless to band brand.

And the 'stuff' that's floating around the interweb (and US/Canadian doctors) - I don't want to generalize, but they do say 'stuff' to scare you, so you'll go back to them.

And not head across the boarder .............

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there is a thread in the band forum about what bands they use. I believe most of the time he uses 11cc. but he does base it on individual cases and some have gotten a 4 cc, I thought that was for people with higher bmis but I can't remember.

anyway look at that tread- search what band does occ use I think.

11cc is large, and can mean more fills before restriction, but the 10cc band is standard in the US. Ortiz is very professional and has a ton of experience, I trust his judgment.

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I had my surgery at OCC this past March, and got the 11cc Johnson & Johnson SAGB VC band. My husband was banded last month here in the states last month, he was given the Allergan band. One of his nurses told us that my band is actually more state-of-the-art than his!

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