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Two year evaluation

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So hubby and I went for our two year evaluations. It turned out well. No problems with band. Pouch looks great but this is my question. They only found 1.6 in my band. That is the amount that I started with. They feel since I have been doing fills here in town, there should be more in there. I have been tracking on here and according to my notes, I should have 2.9 in my band. Maybe the unfills she did, she wrote down wrong. They gave me a small fill of 0.4 so now a total of 2.0 in band. Should I request her notes? I finally have restriction and feel like maybe this is why I have not been losing any weight in the last 6 months. I would hate to think that I have been paying for fills and got to much taken out at one time and that I was not benefiting from the band because of not being restricted enough. The good thing is the band looks great and both hubby and I have no issues. His band they did not do a fill and told him that he is at good restriction. He has a total of 6.cc in a 10 cc band. He is concerned because he has gained about 3 pounds. They talked to him about his eating habits. I think things will get better now. I am relieved that the bands look great. Once I get my paperwork together, they even did photos, I may send it down to OCC. Thank everyone for hanging in with us. The journey continues...

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