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Hotel Options - Camino Real - Thumbs Down!!!

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I normally wouldn't post this if I didn't feel so strongly about it. I just came back from my third fill, and although I requested to stay at the Lucerna, I was asked if I would stay at Camino Real instead. I'm not too picky, so I agreed. I would recommend you avoid this hotel. The staff was not welcoming, the room was cold and the heater didn't work, mold was growing in the shower, and I was surprised when I was charged $15 for a fruit/yogurt cup and cup of coffee. I've stayed at both the Marriott and Lucerna, and the Lucerna was the best experience - I would pay extra to NOT stay at the Camino Real. The other woman we rode back to the airport with, also was disappointed with her stay. You may have a different experience, but just wanted to give you a heads-up if your traveling there.

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Thanks for the advice. I stayed at the Marriott. It was pretty good, staff was very nice. I just didn't care for the post op broth or pop sicles but that's probably just Mexico. Also I REALLY wish they had english speaking channels on the tv!! (Besides the 3 english speaking channels they had)I mean, get a satellite dish or something!

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