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DIscomfort in solar plexuis area - 8 weeks out

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On and off since surgery, I have had discomfort in my solar plexis area. I assume that is where my stomach now is. It is weird to describe - not really pain but def uncomfortable. It can wake me up from a dead sleep. At first I thought it was my actual stomach cramping. I figured the stomach had been "man handled" during surgery. In the past week it has been ALL day every day - worse when I eat or drink so can't really get anything down.

Anyone have any thoughts - I thought maybe gas - pushing the size of my stomach or something. Nothing comes up or down (and out tho).


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I just ate about 1/4 cup of soup and got in pain again. I think my stomach is cramping like a charlie horse

I had my GP done on 11/17/2010. I have that cramping a lot. Everyone is different and I had a lot more swelling than some others did. See if your doctor will prescribe some anti-spasmodic for the intestines. That is what Dr. Watkins did for me. Some days I could not even drink water because my stomach would cramp up.

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