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Had my 1st Sliming episode

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Oh what a horrible experience that was!

I have gotten too lax with chewing and eating too fast. Have had that feeling of food being stuck but this was the first time it came back up. NOT FUN

It was way worse than vomiting, so painful. It was like my esophagus was vomiting.

I need to chew chew chew and hope that never happens again!

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Its bad, I still remember my first - I had more since then when I forget or move too fast. Mostly when I'm around people who don't know I have the band - I start acting and eating like they do. I just have to remember I'm special and to move slow and chew solid.

Take care, sorry about that! I think just about everyone does it once!

Great job on your weight loss, you rock!


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yea I remember my first episode, and it's definitely enough to make you stop and take notice of how and what you're eating.

the worst feeling!!!! I feel more prone to vomiting since I've gotten the fill. i don't know if this has anything to do with

the band....but it seems like it.

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