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UPDATE- 3 years banded, lost 100lbs and PREGNANT!!

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Well howdy again bandsters, it's been at least 1.5 years since I've checked in here...bad me I know but after reaching my goal of losing 100lbs in my first year of being banded so many great life changes came to me I haven't been online much.

Just in browsing it seems like so many of my fellow 2008 bandsters are still here and doing Amazing which is so great to see!!

An update on me, my wonderful husband and I are expecting a baby in July!! So I thought I'd stop in, pick up some Optifast for those tight mornings and see what kind of info is out there about the band and being preggo! Looks like a few of you have recently had babies so I would love to hear any tips or issues you came across...

My band is pretty loose right now so I think I will be fine all through the pregnancy and I am happy to say that after 11 weeks, I have only gained 1 lb from my starting weight of 154!! I'll include a pic from New years for those veterans who know me well and want an update!!


Guess that's all for now, I will be sure to check back on a more regular basis!!

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Hi Michelle,

Wow, you are absolutely glowing! Congrats on the weight-loss and maintenance. It is hard to maintain, so kuddos to you for that.

Also CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS to you and your husband on the wonderful news of expecting a baby. What a great way to start 2011!

Kristi :)

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Congrats Michelle!

You are so beautiful, and I'm so excited for you and your family! You have always been one of my favorites to watch and read their posts - I do hope you'll have some more time for us - but with a new one comming - I think you're going to be a very busy lady! But please stay in touch - I'd love to watch as you move through this special time - make sure to take lots of pictures - I use to love to check out the ones when you were getting smaller - now its going to be just as special to watch as you get a little bit bigger with your new addition!

Take care beautiful lady!


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I had my daughter in August :) Feel free to PM me anytime!

I had just had an unfil Dec 4th last yr and found out Jan 16th I was 2.5 weeks preg so it worked great.

My daughter was 6 weeks early (nothing to do with the band, it was due to Pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrom, my first daughter was 9 weeks early due to the same thing). Anyways, I never had another unfil although I did get a little uncomfortable towards the end. I probably would have needed a bit more of an unfil if I had gone to term.

If you ever want to chat let me know and I can PM you my email address...or add you on facebook :)

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  • 2 months later...

Thanks for all the replies, I have been lurking and it so great to see so many people still working hard to keep the weight off. I thought I should post a quick update- I am 24weeks today and have gained about 8lbs with a small 1.1cc fill in a 4 cc band. Baby is healthy and growing great, even measuring a little ahead of her due date!

For some reason over the last 2 weeks I've been Pb'ing and having a hard time keeping food down, after talking to the doctor I found out that because I have always had problems with allergies and have recently developed pregnancy congestion basically my nose is draining snot down my throat into my stomach all day which is irritating my band and causing tightness.

Over the weekend I couldn't keep anything thicker than tomato soup down so I went in today and had all the fill removed. Luckily my belly is still pretty small and my port is pretty high so there wasn't much risk in getting unfilled this late in the game for me...

I am of course worried about being totally unfilled for the first time since being banded and since I've got 3.5 months till this little one is due I know that I have to keep eating healthy and not give into the temptation of things like rolls, pasta and burgers since I am now technically able to eat them (never could before with the band without getting sick).

I'm not so worried about gaining the weight- I know I need to for the baby's health- it is more about starting down that slippery road of eating all the supersized portions (and junk) that caused me to need a lap band in the first place! For example I just ate a medium sized ceasar salad and because I don't feel that familiar "fullness" I want to go back to the fridge and get another entire helping- but I must resist- I am not hungry- I just like to eat. Grrr

Guess we will see what happens! Here's a belly pic from last weekend (24 weeks preggo)


Hope everyone has a great week!

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I haven't been on here forever but wanted to say hi and was so happy to see your post. You were one of the people who inspired me and now I suppose I have become one of the success stories too! I have maintanced my 96-pound loss for 16 months now. Congrats on the baby and keep checking in now and then. I will try to too.


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