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Banded September 14th

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So, I was banded Thursday, September 14th in Chicago. All together I would say the experience has been very good, the first month was pure and utter hell though. I hadn't prepared mentally for eating nothing but liquids, nor the complete diet change, and I thought I was going to die. But after the 4th week, it was fine. I haven't felt full yet, but I know when to stop eating just because I know I won't get hungry. I haven't had a fill yet (some family emergencies and other medical emergencies have come up also, sprained my right ankle, almost shattered the left, and a pinched nerve in my back), but I will be getting one in the next 3 weeks. So anyways, I go to the doctor yesterday for my ankle, and while I'm there, I decide to weigh before I leave. Mind you this has been the first weigh since the surgery. I have lost 61 pounds since September 14th, I was almost in shock. Best choice I've ever made by far.

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