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Pregnant with band

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So I have lost about 25 pounds post banding without having a fill done.

I now find myself pregnant. Totally unexpected, complete surprise, but exciting all the same!

I find I am eating WAY more than I should be, I mean 3 or 4 pieces of pizza at a time! Not good.

My question is can I get a fill while pregnant?

I am still considered overweight so should only gain maybe 10-15 pounds for the whole pregnancy but really feel out of control on my eating.

Thanks for any advice.

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Yes! You can! The question is whether your doctor will do it! My baby is 10 weeks old. When I left my band very tight when I got pregnant. At around 7 month it got too tight. I had it unfilled and began eating everything and promptly gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I went back and got all the fluid put back in and just made do with protein shakes and softer foods. I gained 21 lbs which came off easily after delivery (I'm guess the last 8 of it was water weight.)

Lucky for me my OB doc has a lapband doc for a husband so she didnt freak out about me doing adjustments.

I know the OCC recommends unfilling completely so they probably won't be much help but you can try.

Also, how far along are you?

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Well I just got an email from the OCC stating that the band should be completely unfilled for a pregnancy.

I'll see what FillCenterUSA has to say.

My OB wasn't against it.

My baby girl is now 5 months old, I never got any of my fill removed and I had one in the middle of November and found out I was pregnant in December. I had zero issues my entire pregnancy, I was able to keep food down..My little girl was born very healthy no issues at all..I now breastfeed and my milk supple is perfect..so I think it just all depends on you, my ob told me to get it unfilled but I refused..I don't think there is any reason to get an unfill..but thats my opinion...congrats on your pregnancy happy and healthy 9 months :)

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Hi guys ,

I got pregnant after the band also. Believe me a total surprise!!! I was not suppose to have anymore children having policystic syndrome and all but God's will was different. I did not have my band emptied during [pregnancy, I did just fine and for the forst time only gained 12 pds. during all the pregnancy. Once I gave birth I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My baby is 11 months now. It has been tough for my provider and me to find my optimal fill after that, now after some time I am overfilled and going back for my band to be emptied just a little.


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Hello ladies! I am newly pregnant and my Bariatric Aftercare's policy is to do a complete unfill.

I have spoke to my PC and my Perinatologist didn't voice her opinion the last time we spoke.

My band has restriction but I am far from tight. I've let the maintenance on my band drop because we knew we were going to be conceiving.

I am hopeful that I will sail through with no band related issues. Also I have not had any morning sickness so mo pressure on the band this far! Yay!

Yay for babies!

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I had my first baby 3 months ago and I never got an unfill and things were totally fine. The OCC recommends you remove your fill while trying to conceive because if you have morning sickness really badly you may have issues with the band and vomiting, but if I had removed my fill while trying to conceive, I never would have had a band at all because we were trying for years and it just took enough weight loss to get my body to ovulate again.

Luckily, I had zero issues with morning sickness and only gained about 15 lbs the entire pregnancy. I am now about 10 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and am fully breast feeding and have had zero problems with milk supply. I think it all depends on your body and your fill level.

Good luck and congratulations!

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[wow.....so glad to hear that someone is in ame boat as me... i also am surprised pregnant although i was only one month post op when i got pregnant. In return i have not been able to lose much weight I was 240 when i got pregnant and i had lost 10 pounds but have gained the 10 back.... :( i am hoping to keep the weight gain down i am now 26 weeks along. I feel like i am a failed lap bander...??? but i hope to spring back into weigh loss after birth??!!

my family doctor which also does my fills...saw no reason to take my fill out..thank god, and he auctually gave me another fill 2 weeks ago.

keep in touch!

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