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Gurgling and grumbling

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i'm home now. 3 days ago, i had the plication procedure.

I've noticed a lot of gurgling from the stomach up to my throat after every sip of liquid. is this normal? please tell me its only gas and that it will pass!

Its a bit scary!

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I'm at day 8 and yes, lots of gurgling :)

It was a little uncomfortable the first few days, now its just the noises without any gas pains. Interesting figuring out how my new stomach responds to different liquids etc. I moved up to a cream soup yesterday and while it went down fine, it went through the rest of me pretty quickly :)

Good luck - looking forward to our journey, keep updating and I'll do the same.


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yep totally normal!!! It will pass. Just try to drink slower and smaller sips. I'm sure you're swollen a lot at this point too. I usually get this feeling right after a fill and it passes within 1-2 weeks after the swelling goes down.

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