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The stomach flu

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone out there has had the stomach flu since having surgery? I have had a horrible time with the flu the last 4 days and have A LOT of pain when I vomit and after it settles down. I am just wondering if this is normal or should I be concerned?



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Holy smokes, how yucky for you!!!......Ten days after my plication surgery I picked up a flu bug. I had not ever had the flu before, but man, I don't remember being that sick. I had both ends going, for over 36hrs straight. My bf emailed Dr. So, explained what was happened and how concerned he was about dehydration. I remember having horrible sharp pains in my new tummy and was worried I could hurt or pull out an internal suture. Dr So called within hours to review my symptons. The main concern was dehydration.....so I started eating jello every half hour and drinking vitamin water and Isopure(think that's how it's spelt).....so maybe contact the follow up doctor right away and discuss your specific concerns. I will tell you it felt like I was busting my sutures, but it didn't happen. The flu bug did knock me around mostly cause I'n never had a flu before and because I had just had surgery. Better safe than sorry, call your follow up doctor.

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