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no weight loss in over a year

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I was banded in June 2008 by Dr. Ortiz. I had 3 fills within 1 year in Tijuana. Have excercised off and on,don't drink water unless it's in the form of coffee. Tried getting a fill her or around my home state of Virginia,nobody will touch an "abroad banded person". I can't make it back to OCC right now. Im at wits end what to do.I was 243 when I had the surgery and I have hovered at 189-197 pounds for the last year.At times, I feel like a complete failure. What to do, to obtain more weight loss? I do have restriction and do eat more protein and veggies that starches.Any ideas ?

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I don't know how close you are to Ohio ( its takes me about 6 hrs to drive to Virginia), but i know that the Barix clinic in Groveport Ohio ( Columbus area) will do fills on people that were banded in Mexico fairly reasonable too. So you might give them a call. Water is very important to your success and Exercise. Even if you just go out for a brisk 1/2 hour walk it would be a start. Good luck!


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