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Hi there~ Thank you for taking time to read about me. I will try and go quick,

Started gaining weight in

4th and 5th grade

Car Accident (shattered my t3) - 2000

2 subsequent car accidents (noNE of them my fault) reinjured with whiplash- 2001 and 2003

struggled with pain the last 9 years, weight has skyrocketed 295!

So my dad mentioned RNY 3 years ago, "what ME...nO way!" Well after not having success that sticks all these years later I have reconsidered and was immensely excited to hear of the OCC, I was never on board with the RNY, even less with the lapband. Then heard of the plication and began researching (spying on all of you-fly on the wall). The whole idea of being able to regain control of my stomach and exercise again, then able to reverse it was VERY appealing. However after substational thought, "why would you want to go back to the possibility of regaining" I asked myself. So now I am interested in the VSG.

My mom was not in on any of these conversations until this last week and she FrEAKED out, "WhAT are you thinking going to mexico, on and on." I did call and talk to Lori asking about Dr's outcomes and whom they report to. She didn't seem to know much about where he reports complications and such to. (that is not a negative on you Lori, just a fact so I am researching)

Also I am needing to be in touch with someone or more to help keep me going, I am getting really undecided and having no mojo to keep pursuing!

Sincerely Appreciate your time. :wacko: aksonflower

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I am almost three months out with VSG--I had both my band and revision to VSG done by Dr. Ortiz. The care is excellent at the OCC, though word of warning: you will only see Dr. Ortiz for a split second before your surgery and then probably never again. Dr. So does most of the aftercare and he is awesome and patient and will answer all of your questions/concerns. The nursing staff is great, too. Dr. Ortiz/Martinez have never had a leak with any VSGs done so far and they use a 32f bougie size which is good 'cause it's the smallest one and you will probably have the most restriction from it.

I am a slow loser and definitely not the poster child for VSG--most people who are "virgins" to weight loss surgery lose A LOT of weight quickly, most getting to goal in less than a year.I also have thyroid issues, but overall, I am pretty happy. In 10 weeks, I have lost 24 lbs.--and just started working out, so hopefully that will help the loss. I also had a stall/plateau that lasted over three weeks. My restriction is pretty good, though I have a really long torso and I am tall, so I suspect that my sleeve can hold more than the average one.

Overall, I highly recommend the OCC and I would definitely go with VSG over plication--I didn't go with plication because there just wasn't enough research on it, but let me tell you that everyone that had surgery the day I did had the plication surgery. So, it's definitely popular.The Bypass surgery just wasn't for me either because of the malabsorbtion issues. Good luck with your decision and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Hi there,

I went to TJ in 2003 to get my band and have made Mexico my standard choice for medical. I live in Seattle and travel down when needed and would recommend it wholeheartedly. OCC picks you up at the airport and takes you down to their wonderful facility. You are supervised and protected at all times.

Plication is reversible - as is the band - but typically you don't reverse it unless you have had problems and are getting a revision. I am in that place now - 9 years with the band - worked great but then I had a stretched pouch and am now going to plication and having the band removed. I hope never to have to reverse this one! But I like th option if I need to...you can't get part of your stomach back with the other operations.

Please let me know if you have questions. For many of us - this is our only solution as our healthcare doesn't cover obesity surgery.


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