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july 14th surgery date

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Hello out there

Anyone scheduled for July 14th for surgery? I was planning on traveling with a companion but don't know if she can come with me now....frankly, I'm terrified and would love to connect with others that will be there...


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I will be done by then, but I always go alone and meet the most wonderful folks there. I could be there virtually for ya!! webcam lol. You are going to be fine. I have been going to TJ since I got my band in 2003 and love it there. Went alone for my plastic surgery as well...

They will take excellent care of you...and I am sure you will get someone who is going to be there from this post. Also there are typically 4-5 other folks getting surgery the same day and you all stay in the same hotel so you get to support each other..

DonnaC in Seattle

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